Friday, October 28, 2011

Socks, Shoes, and Underwear

It seems so simple. "Lets go for a walk." It is simple. It's just that "simple" does not necessarily equate with easy. I had a spontaneous notion to take my little two (ages two and four) for a walk on a beautiful, mid-atlantic, fall afternoon. All we need is shoes. No coats, just shoes. Four little tiny shoes. I spot Ellie's sandal. Awesome! Because that means no socks necessary. We put that on. The other one must be around here somewhere, right? That issue hangs but here comes Micah. Micah! Oh good, you already have socks on. Here's a shoe, lets put it on. We have 2 out of four feet covered. I search around for Ellie's other sandal with no success but find a PAIR of shoes. Score!! OK now we need socks. I go upstairs (up. up. up. up.) and find one sock. one sock. one sock. one sock. Oh! Here is a PAIR of sandals for Micah! I grab those and stick them in my pants. I return to my sock mission. sock. sock. sock. I decide to try my luck downstairs. (down, down, down, down.) That's odd: underpants. Little superhero underpants on the floor. Micah's underpants. Sniff, ugh!! Micah? Come here. (Of course he doesn't come.) I track him down. Check. Yep: commando. Now we're 20 minutes into our 30 minute window and only 50 percent shoed and 50 percent underpansted. As my GPS says, "rerouting." Walk cancelled. We sit on the porch swing and watch the cars, cyclists, and walkers go by. Miraculously clad in shoes and probably underpants. Amazing!